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Fundamentals of Animation in After Effects

Master the basics of animation and motion graphics to create a unique showreel with After Effects

Fundamentals of Animation in After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful software that lets you explore the endless possibilities of animation design. From dynamic typography to character animation and motion tracking, mastering its features can open a new door into a growing digital industry.

Discover how to take full advantage of the power of After Effects, explore techniques for being more efficient, and build a strong motion graphics portfolio.

I introduce you to the concept and purpose of a showreel and why it’s so important. Discover what you need to get started by exploring the tools and interface of After Effects. Learn how to use the essentials and practice techniques for developing your project.

Start by animating simple icons and typography. Then move on to character rigging and character walk cycles. I show you my tricks and tips for working more efficiently and introduce a wide range of resources that you can reference to dive deeper into specific techniques.

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